I’m Kerényi Korinna the creator of

All the postcards on the webshop are my creation, my perspective, my vision, because each postcard is my own photo, a well-captured moment I made during my travels, but let’s not go too far ahead…

The story

A long way to go…

My enthusiasm for postcards started at a young age, as my mom sent me and my brother postcards from every business trip. I was always excited when I got another postcard. I too quickly adopted this habit from my mother, sending postcards to those close to me during my travels.


The passion

Each postcard is a story…

When I dreamed up Bottlepost, I had two passions that I wanted to combine postcards with photography. Many of my photos were exhibited at exhibitions in Ireland and Hungary, so I wondered why they could not be made into unique postcards. I want many people to enjoy my photos when they take my postcards.