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Szimpla Kert Ruin Pub 16.10.2021

Hello everyone!

The Simple Garden (Szimpla Kert) Ruin Pub does not need to be presented to anyone, although on October 16 2021 I met Hungarian citizens who had never been there before.

One really liked the place, the other didn’t know where to put it. And from the sight of the toilet, he was completely horrified.

While living in District 7 (7 years in total) I often turned up here. I lived a few streets away.

The last time I was here was on September 5, 2020, at a designer fair, which unfortunately was buzzing with emptiness. We were heavily in the 3rd wave of Covid and thanks to that there were no tourists.

More than a  year has passed since then, half the world has vaccinated itself (me too) and I came back to the Simple Garden for another designer fair, which was the complete opposite of what it was a year ago. It was full of foreigners (Spaniards, Ukrainians, Americans, Colombians…)

It was completely natural to be there… as if nothing has happened…

I had no expectations of the fair, but I would not have dared to think in my dreams that there would be so many people and 98% were tourist.

I chose the best place for my table where I was sure visitors would leave at least twice in front of my table.

Manika Design ( also set up her table in front of mine, bringing beautiful recycled earrings and necklaces to the fair.

I have a weakness, namely the earrings. I buy earrings at almost every fair 🙂

I bought it that day too. Look! Mancika’s earring has a classy cheerful style.

Mancika is the Lady in the Red Hat. Once at a carnival party, I had to dress up as a painting. Nothing else was at home but a red hat and a blonde wig. I searched the net to see if there was any painting with a red hat at all… and it was!

I was the lady in the red hat from an unknown painter.

Mancika has been organizing a Vintage Mode Grand Boudoir on the 30th of October (, which unfortunately I was unable to attend due to illness, but my stamp art pictures did.
The opportunity also came at the last minute, which I have taken. Fortunately, the organization went smoothly and quickly.You can view the pictures taken there on the FB ( or IG @bottlepost_org_

Et voilá my table looked like this at the designer fair:

I am pleased to inform you that Frida Kahlo and the American Statue of Liberty have found their new home.

Frida Kahlo traveled to France. A French woman bought it for her daughter. This is already my 3rd picture, which can be found in France.

The American Statue of Liberty flew to Colombia 🙂 My first picture ended up in South America.

I like to know where my stamp art pictures are, who bought them and where their new home will be. Well, I’m not thinking of a street or house number, but countries and cities 🙂

The Miki mouse stamp sheet was bought by a Hungarian couple 🙂 Which I was also happy about 🙂

My next fairs are scheduled for the 20th and the 28th of November, 2021.
20th November: Szimpla Kert 12-18
28th November: Kiskert Piac 10-16

I hope you can come!



Summer of 2021

My dear Followers and Customers!

More than a year has passed since my last post, but what a year it was !! Bad and good things have happened to me, but let’s focus more on the good things and within that this summer.

The market season was opened by Kiskert Piac ( Little garden Market) on May 30, 2021, on the Seagull Promenade at Mom Kult. This fair was pretty successful.

Many people stopped at my booth, they were interested in my stamp art pictures, we talked a lot and some of them came back… The first picture I have sold was the map of Italy that I have made out of 100% used Italian postage stamps.

Another location for Kiskert Piac has been Anker Avenue, next to Madhouse in the 6th district.

In the summer I have found a new location, namely the Agárdi Almárium in Gárdony next to Lake Velence, which is about 50 km away from Budapest. Agardi Almarium is a Producers’s Market, Bistro, Culture Park, and a Distillery at the same time.
All the markets I have attended during summer, I had the biggest table there 🙂

See below:

This producer market has stolen my heart. It is a very family-friendly place with live music, champagne, breakfast, live theatre for kids and last but not least great people. The organizer, Kriszti Virág, is a man of all hearts, who was very positive about my products after our first letter exchange 🙂

Here I met Ildiko right at the first fair, whom I invited to my booth and after she came over, immediately fell in love with the Hand of Fatima and all my other stamp creations.
After talking with her for a long time, I learned that her great love was Ecuador because she has worked there as a missionary in one of the miserable colonies 20 years ago. She told me a lot about her experiences in Ecuador and the Galapagos islands.

We agreed that if I could find Ecuadorian stamps, I would make her the Map of Ecuador.

None of us seriously thought I was going to find Ecuadorian stamps within a short time…

I ordered them at the end of July and in 2 weeks, just on 13th August, which was a Friday, it arrived by post. There has never been a Friday 13 so lucky day in my life. As soon as I received the envelope, I opened it and saw that one of the stamps was stamped with 1889-1890 !! I was holding a 126-year-old stamp in my hand! I thought I was fainting. From whom I bought the stamps, I asked her where she bought them and she replied that she got them at an auction. It belonged to an old man who had a collection of four garage stamps …

I immediately called Ildiko to tell her the good news … she was completely fainting too. I told her I wouldn’t have time to start the map in August, but it would be ready in the first week of September. That’s how it happened, but we still had to wait for the handover. First, she got sick, then I did.

Unfortunately, I was not present at the handover because I handed over the wrapped picture to her parents, later that day Ildikó called me crying that it was prettier than she thought and thanked me for putting the island of Galapagos separately because Ecuador is an integral part of Ecuador and is visible on every map. The color of the stamps was the same as the colors of the Ecuadorian flag (yellow, blue, red) and I compiled the map with this in mind.

Ildikó gave me free hand in everything. Here is the result. The picture is now next to an Ecuadorian weaver in her bedroom. Every morning she wakes up, she returns to her memories to where she was once very happy. I am glad to be a part of her happiness.

I also traveled to Ecuador a bit in my thoughts 🙂


3 fairs were planned in September, but unfortunately, I could attend only the last one.

I had sinusitis in the first 2 weeks of September … no matter how much I wanted to go to fairs, I couldn’t because I knew if I didn’t rest, it could last longer, risking my health.

On the last Sunday of September, there was also a designer fair during Anker Avenue , where I arrived with a new collection.

I combined the stamps with the collage technique, which took me to a new dimension. In addition to the collage, this year I will also decorate my pictures with metal leafs and colored foils, which will give my works a special atmosphere.

Noémi, my jewelry designer friend also visited me 🙂

Thank you for reading my summer stories.

My next fair will be in the Szimpla Kert on 20th November, 2021 from 12-18.

I hope to see you there.

You can find my contact information here:



More about me…

More about me…

Instead of writing a long history, I sum up my life in a list.

 Some facts about me:

  1. My name (Korinna) means heart. It comes from the latin word coeur which means heart
  2. I love to take photographs wherever I go either with my Nikon or with my mobile
  3. I have lived in 3 other countries in my 20’s beside Hungary: Norway, Austria and Ireland (2/2/2.5 yrs)
  4. I speak and write fluent Norwegian, English and Hungarian
  5. My German is not that good
  6. I love to cook and bake at home
  7. I have the chef qualification,but I would not work for hotels or restaurants anymore
  8. I love to dance
  9. I love to dance and sing ( not only)  during cooking/baking ( with my daughter as well)
  10. I love fashion
  11. I love postcards since my childhood
  12. I am happily married since 09 Nov 2017
  13. Our marriage was held in the Steampunk theme
  14. I love to watch movies, go to cinema, theatre, musical…
  15. I like colorful nail polish
  16. My fav series is Northern Exposure 🙂
  17. I like to help people
  18. I like hiking
  19. I am an extrovert ,however I was born as an introvert…how is it possible?
  20. I am a Virgo
  21. I am a Horse according to Chines Horoscope
  22. I’d like to see Tina Turner live once while giving a concert…
  23. I don’t like bugs
  24. I like to make jokes… 😀
  25. I like gardening. Favorite flowers are the runnning roses
  26. My favorite Hungarian music band is Halott Pénz ( Dead Money). They are from Pécs.
  27. I like board games

Happy New Year!

Dear fans!


Not only a new year has started ,but we stepped into the 20’s.

A huge range of events, anniversaries and personalities will be celebrated on stamps in 2020.

At the end of January 5 new washi tapes will be available. For Valentine day I will preapere something sweet and those who don’t celebrate this day, they will also find something to send to their loved ones,because love is not only celebrated on the 14th February.

Year of the Rat  celebration starting on the 25th January and lasting until 11th February 2020.

The Rat (子) is the first of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Rat is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol 子.

Rat postcard with matching rat stamps will be available in my webshop as well.

I am looking forward to the year of 2020 with all its ups and downs  and hope to see you shopping in my webshop. 🙂

Happy New Year to all of you!






Houston, we have a new webshop!

Dear Visitor!

Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to my webshop! 🙂

My name is Kerényi Korinna Flóra and I am the owner of All photos were taken by me during my holidays, business trips, walks, festivals and so on. I imagined a webshop where everyone would find their taste,no matter where they are from.

If you think postcard is old fashioned, you maybe right, but I like old fashioned things, especially if it is postcard or photo related.

Luckily I am not the only one who likes to receive, write and send postcards. Otherwise this webshop would not be here 😀

If you would have run out of for example Spanish postcards, you don’t have to travel there again to buy new ones, you just visit my webshop, put in the basket the wished postcards and pay for it. This is definitely cheaper than a flight ticket 😀 It will be a win-win situation.

I think postcard has never went out of fashion, otherwise you would not be able to buy postcards anywhere.

No matter where I travelled, there were always postcards. I bought not only for myself ,but to give joy to others, especially if it was written, stamped and sent by post.

I do hope my  postcards can give you joy, not only when you receive your orders, but when you  receive a postcard from someone else.