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Fall – Winter 2022

Hello my Dears!
My goal for the week was to write a blog summarizing the past months and the autumn-winter fairs.
The last time I wrote a post was in June.
Next month, I would also like to write a newsletter or a blog so that the many experiences that happen to me and do not pile up.
Maybe its all better for us because I don’t have to write a novel 🙂
I save time for myself and for you too 🙂

Who’s up with procrastination?
Did you think that I was the Queen of procrastination? 🙂 A friend of mine told me this week that we procrastinate because
we can’t decide which task to start with, which exists in a huge bubble in our head, so we need to write it down, as a goal,
as a daily task and break it down into parts.

I have to give her credit.

Blogging was such a bubble for me. My God, I wrote a blog half a year ago. It will be enough this time to write about the present and a short summary of the fairs.
I divided the content of the newsletter over two days, so it took much less time.
I am proud of myself 🙂 I wrote the newsletter instead 🙂
It’s okay, I had to write that too.


Hello again!

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to my existing and future customers who trusted me to create their unique stamp art pictures. 2 of them traveled abroad. One to Finland (Papillion dog) and one to Italy (portrait of Queen Elizabeth II) and both arrived safely. The other 3 remained in Hungary (Portrait of the dachshund, the little mermaid and Her Majesty on a pink background.)
I can’t show you the last one yet, because a very lucky lady will receive this as a birthday present in December. )


PS: You can place your individual order until November 27. You can order without frame as well.
I post worldwide (without frame)



New products are on the way…

…and they are also very colorful, like my personality 🙂
I can’t live without colors. The more, the better 🙂
I started painting with iridescent watercolors, I even tried to make them myself (so far with no luck). I bought everything: pigment powder, gum arabic, glycerin, mica powder, painter’s knives…only I didn’t have the recipe…that’s why it didn’t work the first time. Maybe next time 🙂

In my hands, not only stamps, but also old, antique, antique-effect frames and mirrors are reborn.
Let me show you my first attempt.
I asked my followers on IG and FB who would have liked the blue frame better:
For Marie-Antoinette or Cinderella?
Cinderella won 🙂
I will keep this, but the rest will be available at the fairs and hopefully in my webshop next year.

In the image below you can see how my first iridescent watercolor painting turned out with the addition of some die cut postage stamps.



Save the dates for winter fairs in 2022!

27.11.2022 – Kiskert piac in  Madhouse (Anker köz) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m
04.12.2022 – Antikk placc and Design Market (in the Klauzál Square market hall) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
18.12.2022 – Kiskert piac in  Madhouse from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

If I participate in another market in the meantime, I will let you know on IG and FB
IG: @bottlepost_org_

I hope to see you at one of the fairs 🙂



Spring / Summer 2022

Where I was during April/May/June and where will I be at the rest of the summer…

Dear fans!

Its been a long time since I have written to all of you…
Now I am going to summarize up the last events I have attended.
Trying to keep it short 🙂

For Bottlepost the market season started in April 2022.
I have attended a 3 days long fair in the  Botanical Garden of Buda, it was the Tavaszkert Ornamental Trade Fair.

My table was in the triangle of a cash machine ( by the 2nd day it has been plundered), a bin and men’s toilet 😀

I was not pleased at first, but at the end I did not mind.

Probably my stand was the most visited 😀

I have sold 4 pictures and I was asked to make a custom order of a Corgi 🙂

The customer had to wait exactly 2 months to her order as the postage  stamps I have ordered from overseas did not arrive.

Still not,but I had to re order from other Vendors within Europe.

While I was on holiday in mid June the re-ordered stamps landed in my post box, so the next day I could start the work.

All together the Corgi was made in 6-8 hours. Delivery date will be on the 28th June.

In May I have attended 2 fairs: Kiskertpiac and Szimpla kert

At Kiskertpiac 3 of my pictures have found their new home in Miami, Florida

A German-Hungarian couple were also visited the fair.

The gentleman’s mom was Hungarian and were born in Dob street (2 streets away from Ankert köz).

They were looking for a present to his 96 yrs old mom and when they saw the heart shaped stamp art ( see above), they knew that it will be the perfect gift 🙂

His mom loves everything with heart shape. Like I do 🙂


One of my decorated glass, an original Bagarol was also travelled to U.S.A.

Bagarol was originally a shoe polish. See below picture.


In Szimpla kert I had only French customers 🙂

One of them was called as I am : Corinne in French. Corinne came from Normandy with her family for 5 days and their first trip was headed to Szimpla Kert 🙂

I am always happy to meet with other women called Korinna or Corinne 😀

So , Corinne fell in love with the little mermaid and her husband bought it to her as a present.

How sweet, isn’t it ?



In June I was attending a 2 days long Lifestlye Expo and Mineral Fair at Lurdy-ház (11-12th June)

It was my 15th market , since I have started in 2020

That weekend  slightly changed my life in a positive way 🙂

Most of my customers were children and I am very grateful for them 🙂

I got so many new impulses, smells, beautiful moments, I have found my lost soul within those wonderful people I have met during those 2 days.

I could connected to them immediately.

The passion came back to my life and my spiritual store is recharged 🙂




The highlight of the market was a custom request from a Vegan Indian Restaurant. The only request was to create it from 100 % Indian postage stamp. What it will be, you will see in one of my future post in July…

Also a long time no see friend also showed up ,which was unexpected and since then we have reunited 🙂

Grateful for your visit, Bea 🙂


Save the date for my next markets!

16th July 2022: Szimpla Kert from 12-18 free to visit

24th July 2022 : MOM Kult – KHK Közösségi Találkozó  Piknik entrance fee is 8900 HUF from 14 -22

Stage talks, exhibition and fair, self made meeting and street festival with the band MIDLIFE CRISIS in the garden of MOM Kult.

Tickets to buy:

20th August: Szimpla Kert from 12-18 free to visit

Please follow me on

IG: @bottlepost_org_


Hope to see you on one of my markets!

Take care!






November shows

Dear Bottlepost fans!

Hope all of you are well and the pictures bought from me are in their final place 🙂 unless it will be a Xmas present

As some of you may know I have attended 2 markets in November.

One of them was on the 20th Nov in Szimpla Kert and the other was on the 28th Nov at Anker market organised by Kiskert piac.

Szimpla Kert 20.11.2021

Before the markets are starting the sellers are going there 1 hour in advance to get all things done by the time the first customers are arriving.

Usually, some helpers are there setting up the tables for you…this time they probably overslept and we had to set up the tables for ourselves. The organiser, Juli was there and helped us.

When I arrived at Szimpla Kert, my favourite spot was already taken, so I had to choose another one.

The place I have taken, seemed good, until the point that a bird pooped on my table, then on my pictures, table again… at least 7 times they pooped above me! Hahaha!!  😀

That’s called luck, isn’t it?

I have to say I had luck.

My first customer was a french girl who is living in Budapest. Then I had visitors from the North of Spain, from Bilbao who became my customers as well 🙂 They bought one of my favourite pictures, the Teapot.

When I got to know that Maria and her husband are from Bilbao I was super happy, as I have been there with my mom about 10 years ago. When I got off the bus in the city centre of Bilbao I thought for a moment that I am at Andrassy avenue in Budapest. Immediately felt at home. 🙂

A Hungarian lady, Éva contacted me via FB after I came home from Szimpla Kert.
She has booked one of my mini framed pictures and picked it up personally at kiskert piac on the 28th of Nov.

Kiskert Piac 28.11.2021

The experience is still fresh as the fair was 2 days ago.

This time I was inside Madhouse in Anker köz, which I did not regret due to the cold and rainy weather outside.

The table I had was the tiniest ever, but I had a lot of space behind me and also put a part of my work on a chair next to my table.

Thank you all who come to kiskert piac, stopped by and supported my small business.

You can meet with me twice in December.

5th and 12th December, same place and the same time. Madhouse, Anker köz, between 10-16

My pictures will be attending a pop-up designer market at the Zani store, in Szerb utca 17.

Pictures will be randomly selected, so if you want to have one of my pictures as a present for Xmas, make sure you book it with me and I bring it to kiskert piac. Otherwise, they will be available in the Zani store.

In November I got my first overseas custom order from Ireland. 🙂

I was asked to design a birthday greeting card based on Asuka Langley Soryu for a girl who will turn 13 years old in December. The delivery arrived at the correct address and can’t wait that the birthday girl will see her present made by me 🙂

See the result below:


Hope to see you in December!
















Pop-up market in our courtyard 09.10.2020

Dear Everybody!

I have been involved in 2 other markets since August after my first very poorly managed one.

I was present in the Szimpla Kert organised by  SimpleFashion and Sofitel Marketplace organised by Kiskert Piac.

Although the last 2 did well, we decided to try the pop-up market in the front yard of our house.

We could not have made a better decision.

Luckily the weather was good too, we had our home fair on one of the last days of Indian summer.

People came to us that I would not have met at all at the organized markets.

I didn’t have so many orders in any of the organized markets like this one.

My latest products includes  Christmas greeting cards made from stamps, which has had unbroken success ever since.

They took all of them right away. I got a lot of orders to make Christmas cards.

I like to make not only Christmas, but any other motif, be it a birthday, name day, wedding anniversary …

I constantly upload my completed works

here: FB: and the

and here : IG to my site


I also take individual orders for pictures  with or without a frame. For details pls contact me on any of the platforms ( FB/IG/Email)

My most recent order is a framed panda teddy bear for a  little girl who is under 1 year old. I can’t wait for all the black and white stamp. 🙂

It will be one of her Xmas presents. 🙂

In addition to the pictures and greeting cards, I was waiting for the visitors with a lot of different postcards.


Summa summarum, the fair went well and if the weather allows, there will be more to continue.



My first market in Gozsdu

Dear customers!

I am 4 days after my first market which took place in Gozsdu  udvar on the 1st August 2020 in Budapest.

Many of you does not know what Gozsdu is.

Gozsdu udvar is actually a courtyard which is between Király and Dob street. Designers, artisans, antique and retro vendors are selling their own crafts. A market with a unique atmosphere in the heart of Budapest every weekend. Combined with the many restaurants in the Gozsdu courtyard, it is a great place to relax and have fun.

I used to live in the 7th district. Dob street is in the 7th and Kiraly street is in the 6th district. I used to come here frequently many many yrs ago and in my mind Gozsdu was something different. Not a flea market as it is now. Maybe I was  “blind” and it was always like this.

It has several courts and we were located in the 5th courtyard, next to a restaurant which was closed and thanks to this we could use an extra 2 meters for the installation beside the 2 meter long table.

Most of the people ( I was amazed that there were many foreigners) were in the first 3-4 courtyards and the rest just passing through.

(1 week before my first market we visited Gozsdu to see what to expect. I was a kind of disappointed… only 3-4 sellers were there, maybe because of the bad weather…)

It was one thing that people passed through, we were counting with it as well. What we did not count with were those little bugs which were coming out from the closed restaurant. Because of this we did not dare to put down my back pack which I brought the food in .

Because of this feeling what if we will bring home them , did not give us peace.

The morning we left home to Gozsdu I told my husband, that I will be happy if we sell 1 thing from our products. Well, we sold 1 thing 🙂

The waiting itself was very tiring. By the end of the market I head a huge headache and it lasted for 3 days 🙁

I’d like to mention that my husband was a huge support and help before, during and after the market. 🙂

He is my handyman 🙂 Thank you for being there for me!

He was creating a “little car” where we could put all the framed and unframed pictures, paper bags, washi tapes, stampels, stickers… and bring to the scene as you could not go in the courtyard by car. We were lucky to find a parking lot nearby.

His work are the stampels  as well ( featured image on the top) what you could try at our table and you will be able to try in the future as well.

 Lesson was learned.

  1. Check the place before you even apply for. Even if you know it or were there before.
  2. Check one more time 🙂 because what you did not see at first, you will see second time.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the offer ask for a better one.
  4. Don’t go to a place you were not invited.

I beleive that everything has a reason. So, that day supposed to be like this and grateful for that we could learn from it.

While waiting we had several ideas what we should do different on our next market, which will be on the 5th Sept 2020, in Szimpla Kert , at the Szimpla Fashion Hungarian Designer Market where I was chosen among 25 Hungarian Designers.

Hope to see you there!