More about me…

Instead of writing a long history, I sum up my life in a list.

 Some facts about me:

  1. My name (Korinna) means heart. It comes from the latin word coeur which means heart
  2. I love to take photographs wherever I go either with my Nikon or with my mobile
  3. I have lived in 3 other countries in my 20’s beside Hungary: Norway, Austria and Ireland (2/2/2.5 yrs)
  4. I speak and write fluent Norwegian, English and Hungarian
  5. My German is not that good
  6. I love to cook and bake at home
  7. I have the chef qualification,but I would not work for hotels or restaurants anymore
  8. I love to dance
  9. I love to dance and sing ( not only)  during cooking/baking ( with my daughter as well)
  10. I love fashion
  11. I love postcards since my childhood
  12. I am happily married since 09 Nov 2017
  13. Our marriage was held in the Steampunk theme
  14. I love to watch movies, go to cinema, theatre, musical…
  15. I like colorful nail polish
  16. My fav series is Northern Exposure 🙂
  17. I like to help people
  18. I like hiking
  19. I am an extrovert ,however I was born as an introvert…how is it possible?
  20. I am a Virgo
  21. I am a Horse according to Chines Horoscope
  22. I’d like to see Tina Turner live once while giving a concert…
  23. I don’t like bugs
  24. I like to make jokes… 😀
  25. I like gardening. Favorite flowers are the runnning roses
  26. My favorite Hungarian music band is Halott Pénz ( Dead Money). They are from Pécs.
  27. I like board games