Dear customers!

I am 4 days after my first market which took place in Gozsdu  udvar on the 1st August 2020 in Budapest.

Many of you does not know what Gozsdu is.

Gozsdu udvar is actually a courtyard which is between Király and Dob street. Designers, artisans, antique and retro vendors are selling their own crafts. A market with a unique atmosphere in the heart of Budapest every weekend. Combined with the many restaurants in the Gozsdu courtyard, it is a great place to relax and have fun.

I used to live in the 7th district. Dob street is in the 7th and Kiraly street is in the 6th district. I used to come here frequently many many yrs ago and in my mind Gozsdu was something different. Not a flea market as it is now. Maybe I was  “blind” and it was always like this.

It has several courts and we were located in the 5th courtyard, next to a restaurant which was closed and thanks to this we could use an extra 2 meters for the installation beside the 2 meter long table.

Most of the people ( I was amazed that there were many foreigners) were in the first 3-4 courtyards and the rest just passing through.

(1 week before my first market we visited Gozsdu to see what to expect. I was a kind of disappointed… only 3-4 sellers were there, maybe because of the bad weather…)

It was one thing that people passed through, we were counting with it as well. What we did not count with were those little bugs which were coming out from the closed restaurant. Because of this we did not dare to put down my back pack which I brought the food in .

Because of this feeling what if we will bring home them , did not give us peace.

The morning we left home to Gozsdu I told my husband, that I will be happy if we sell 1 thing from our products. Well, we sold 1 thing 🙂

The waiting itself was very tiring. By the end of the market I head a huge headache and it lasted for 3 days 🙁

I’d like to mention that my husband was a huge support and help before, during and after the market. 🙂

He is my handyman 🙂 Thank you for being there for me!

He was creating a “little car” where we could put all the framed and unframed pictures, paper bags, washi tapes, stampels, stickers… and bring to the scene as you could not go in the courtyard by car. We were lucky to find a parking lot nearby.

His work are the stampels  as well ( featured image on the top) what you could try at our table and you will be able to try in the future as well.

 Lesson was learned.

  1. Check the place before you even apply for. Even if you know it or were there before.
  2. Check one more time 🙂 because what you did not see at first, you will see second time.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the offer ask for a better one.
  4. Don’t go to a place you were not invited.

I beleive that everything has a reason. So, that day supposed to be like this and grateful for that we could learn from it.

While waiting we had several ideas what we should do different on our next market, which will be on the 5th Sept 2020, in Szimpla Kert , at the Szimpla Fashion Hungarian Designer Market where I was chosen among 25 Hungarian Designers.

Hope to see you there!