Dear Blog readers, old and new customers!

My webshop will restart on July 2, 2020. This is  the second  “birth day” of my webshop,  also my husband’s 39th birthday 🙂

It may not be a coincidence that  a second chance starts on the 2nd ? 🙂

During the quarantine, I kept posting about my work, the international and Hungarian used postage stamps , the new stamps issued by the  Hungarian Post Office and the postcards I made after printing, both on my Facebook pand on my Instagram.

What I haven’t written much about yet is that I’ll be taking custom orders with or without frames from July 2nd 2020.

It is a matter of discussion what the themed image should be, in what size,  what color frame…

The price depends on the size of the picture and whether you want to order with or without a frame.

Each picture is unique, I don’t create the same pictures twice, just similar.

For example, like this:

or this:

Someone saw this as a rocking horse, but it wasn’t 🙂 This is a mother-daughter thumbnail I made for my mom to Mother’s Day and I could give it to her only in May 2020-

Even such:

I feel like I got a second chance from  Fate because I found my own style that wasn’t with me at the start of the webshop in Sept 2019.

Colors have always been important in my life, so I make thumbnails for colorful backgrounds.

There’s always something colorful or something unique about me that makes mestand out from the crowd – that’s what they say about me.

I can finally stand out not only with my clothes or accessories, but also with my work.

So far, I’ve never enjoyed a single job like this.

If you want some unique gift for your parents, brother, baptism, birthday, wedding or just so, feel free to contact me on any of the following platforms:

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or you can send email as well:

Thank you for reading!