Where I was during April/May/June and where will I be at the rest of the summer…

Dear Bottlepost.org fans!

Its been a long time since I have written to all of you…
Now I am going to summarize up the last events I have attended.
Trying to keep it short 🙂

For Bottlepost the market season started in April 2022.
I have attended a 3 days long fair in the  Botanical Garden of Buda, it was the Tavaszkert Ornamental Trade Fair.

My table was in the triangle of a cash machine ( by the 2nd day it has been plundered), a bin and men’s toilet 😀

I was not pleased at first, but at the end I did not mind.

Probably my stand was the most visited 😀

I have sold 4 pictures and I was asked to make a custom order of a Corgi 🙂

The customer had to wait exactly 2 months to her order as the postage  stamps I have ordered from overseas did not arrive.

Still not,but I had to re order from other Vendors within Europe.

While I was on holiday in mid June the re-ordered stamps landed in my post box, so the next day I could start the work.

All together the Corgi was made in 6-8 hours. Delivery date will be on the 28th June.

In May I have attended 2 fairs: Kiskertpiac and Szimpla kert

At Kiskertpiac 3 of my pictures have found their new home in Miami, Florida

A German-Hungarian couple were also visited the fair.

The gentleman’s mom was Hungarian and were born in Dob street (2 streets away from Ankert köz).

They were looking for a present to his 96 yrs old mom and when they saw the heart shaped stamp art ( see above), they knew that it will be the perfect gift 🙂

His mom loves everything with heart shape. Like I do 🙂


One of my decorated glass, an original Bagarol was also travelled to U.S.A.

Bagarol was originally a shoe polish. See below picture.


In Szimpla kert I had only French customers 🙂

One of them was called as I am : Corinne in French. Corinne came from Normandy with her family for 5 days and their first trip was headed to Szimpla Kert 🙂

I am always happy to meet with other women called Korinna or Corinne 😀

So , Corinne fell in love with the little mermaid and her husband bought it to her as a present.

How sweet, isn’t it ?



In June I was attending a 2 days long Lifestlye Expo and Mineral Fair at Lurdy-ház (11-12th June)

It was my 15th market , since I have started in 2020

That weekend  slightly changed my life in a positive way 🙂

Most of my customers were children and I am very grateful for them 🙂

I got so many new impulses, smells, beautiful moments, I have found my lost soul within those wonderful people I have met during those 2 days.

I could connected to them immediately.

The passion came back to my life and my spiritual store is recharged 🙂




The highlight of the market was a custom request from a Vegan Indian Restaurant. The only request was to create it from 100 % Indian postage stamp. What it will be, you will see in one of my future post in July…

Also a long time no see friend also showed up ,which was unexpected and since then we have reunited 🙂

Grateful for your visit, Bea 🙂


Save the date for my next markets!

16th July 2022: Szimpla Kert from 12-18 free to visit

24th July 2022 : MOM Kult – KHK Közösségi Találkozó  Piknik entrance fee is 8900 HUF from 14 -22

Stage talks, exhibition and fair, self made meeting and street festival with the band MIDLIFE CRISIS in the garden of MOM Kult.

Tickets to buy: https://www.eventim.hu/hu/jegyek/khk-koezoessegi-talalkozo-budapest-mom-kulturalis-koezpont-1294380/performance.html

20th August: Szimpla Kert from 12-18 free to visit

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Hope to see you on one of my markets!

Take care!