Hello everyone!

The Simple Garden (Szimpla Kert) Ruin Pub does not need to be presented to anyone, although on October 16 2021 I met Hungarian citizens who had never been there before.

One really liked the place, the other didn’t know where to put it. And from the sight of the toilet, he was completely horrified.

While living in District 7 (7 years in total) I often turned up here. I lived a few streets away.

The last time I was here was on September 5, 2020, at a designer fair, which unfortunately was buzzing with emptiness. We were heavily in the 3rd wave of Covid and thanks to that there were no tourists.

More than a  year has passed since then, half the world has vaccinated itself (me too) and I came back to the Simple Garden for another designer fair, which was the complete opposite of what it was a year ago. It was full of foreigners (Spaniards, Ukrainians, Americans, Colombians…)

It was completely natural to be there… as if nothing has happened…

I had no expectations of the fair, but I would not have dared to think in my dreams that there would be so many people and 98% were tourist.

I chose the best place for my table where I was sure visitors would leave at least twice in front of my table.

Manika Design (https://www.facebook.com/mancikadesigns) also set up her table in front of mine, bringing beautiful recycled earrings and necklaces to the fair.

I have a weakness, namely the earrings. I buy earrings at almost every fair 🙂

I bought it that day too. Look! Mancika’s earring has a classy cheerful style.

Mancika is the Lady in the Red Hat. Once at a carnival party, I had to dress up as a painting. Nothing else was at home but a red hat and a blonde wig. I searched the net to see if there was any painting with a red hat at all… and it was!

I was the lady in the red hat from an unknown painter.

Mancika has been organizing a Vintage Mode Grand Boudoir on the 30th of October (https://www.facebook.com/MancikasBoudoir), which unfortunately I was unable to attend due to illness, but my stamp art pictures did.
The opportunity also came at the last minute, which I have taken. Fortunately, the organization went smoothly and quickly.You can view the pictures taken there on the Bottlepost.org FB (https://www.facebook.com/bottlepost.org) or IG @bottlepost_org_

Et voilá my table looked like this at the designer fair:

I am pleased to inform you that Frida Kahlo and the American Statue of Liberty have found their new home.

Frida Kahlo traveled to France. A French woman bought it for her daughter. This is already my 3rd picture, which can be found in France.

The American Statue of Liberty flew to Colombia 🙂 My first picture ended up in South America.

I like to know where my stamp art pictures are, who bought them and where their new home will be. Well, I’m not thinking of a street or house number, but countries and cities 🙂

The Miki mouse stamp sheet was bought by a Hungarian couple 🙂 Which I was also happy about 🙂

My next fairs are scheduled for the 20th and the 28th of November, 2021.
20th November: Szimpla Kert 12-18
28th November: Kiskert Piac 10-16

I hope you can come!